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PMTS Orlando [24 Nov 2009|10:33pm]

Is anyone else here a Future Professional at Paul Mitchell Orlando (Casselberry)?

If so...thoughts? I'm about 8 weeks in and kind of going crazy with the understaffed, unorganized, immature crap they have going on. I study like crazy, I work my ass off....I just don't understand why I'm paying $15k and wasting 7 hours a day when I'm learning more from my books and dvds than my teachers. Is it just me or does anyone else feel this way....from any Paul Mitchell school?
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Paul Mitchell, Florida [03 Jul 2009|04:08pm]

I live in Florida and I'm planning on taking a loan out to attend Paul Mitchell The School in Orlando. I'm wondering if you guys who did the same took out the amount needed, or more. Any experiences with the loan, money invested for P.M, or any experiences with this particular school would help as well! Thank you!!!
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New!! [14 Jun 2009|03:40pm]

I've been a member her and never made a post.

I go to Cosmetology school in NJ at The Lab Paul Mitchell Partner school..I'll be out next month (finally) If anyone here lives in NJ and wants to go to a Paul Mitchell one I would steer clear of this one.

I took my state board test last month and passed yay!

That's all for now
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Good day! [10 Jun 2009|08:03pm]

[ mood | nervous ]


First post and I'm glad I found this community.  Anywho, I am going to be taking my sate board exam in a couple of months and I need help preparing.  Um, the thing with me is, I finished beauty school back in '02 and I've recently been inspired to go back.  I've put it off since '02 and I was always saying that I'll apply once I have money for it (!).  Well, I applied, and I'm just waiting for my exam date.

I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!  BTW, I'm in the Alhambra/San Gabriel area, east of Los Angeles, in California! :0)p

Thanks and if no one can help, that's fine cause this seems like a great community from the posts and responses I've read.


Quick question! [07 May 2009|03:48pm]

Do Paul Mitchell schools use the Milady textbooks?
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paul mitchell school... [07 Apr 2009|09:06pm]
in sherman oaks.

i'm starting the night course there in september and was curious to hear any feedback from anyone who may be currently attending or has attended this particular school.
if anyone else is starting there when i am don't be shy and message me!
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cosmo newb [04 Apr 2009|06:29pm]

Hi. I'm only a sophomore in High School, but my Mom's been getting on to my about picking a college.
She's adament about me going to a Tech. college. (Griffin Tech in particular) mostly because of it being so close.
I really would rather not go, just because everyone gets their cosmetology degree there, and I doubt I'll be looked at over anyone else with that degree.

I live in Georgia, but i'm iffy about Hope. I don't know if it applies to cometology schools too.
Does anyone know any good Cosmetology schools in Georgia that have really good Grant or Scholarship programs?
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Accredited vs. Non-Accredited [02 Apr 2009|12:28am]

I can't seem to find any student opinions on their education at an accredited school vs. an non accredited. I'm looking into the Cinta Aveda Institute in San Francisco or Paul Mitchell the School-Easy Bay. Neither are accredited and I was hoping that someone could shed some light onto if going to a non-accredited school will be a huge difference education/experience wise. Any thoughts or opinions would be graciously taken!
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[12 Feb 2009|08:21pm]

Does anyone here happen to know what happens if a school closes/goes out of business?
I attend a Paul Mitchell Partner School, but since a Paul Mitchell the School opened not too far away and we don't have a good location, and we don't get a lot of business (about 1 walk-in per student every 2 months.) and due to the recent behavior of the owners and learnings leaders..I think they are closing.
ALSO. They have been screwing me over with the worksheets (if you go to a PM school you prob know what I'm talking about) and I think they are purposely trying to get me to do overtime so I have to pay them, even though I have all my stateboard stuff finished.
I have 1100 hours. I've spent 15,000$ here. I can't afford another school.
What happens if it shuts down or they are in fact screwing me (and a lot of other students) over?
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Beauty Q's for the gals (and gals at heart!) [09 Feb 2009|01:42pm]

Lately after touching up a set a pictures that I took in October I realized my skin is aging hard and fast (probably due to alcohol abuse) and I decided to make some changes from my usual wash with water only and moisturize, make-up and never washing it off at night routine.

Let it be known that my beauty routine is now as follows:

1. Exfoliate with a facial scrub
2. Tone with witch hazel
3. Rub in StriVectin-SD thoroughly (This is new! I just bought this nearly $200 wrinkle cream last week!) I let this settle in
4. Apply vitamin E oil under eyes, lips, forehead, and smile lines first then rub in all over. Let sink in.
5. Apply moisturizer in the form of jergens natural glow firming formula and let sink in.
6. I apply a very heavy off brand facial moisturizer that is supposedly brightening with the help of pearl extract under my eyes liberally. Like you can still see it and I let is sink in all the way.

This stuff has horse fat in it. I have no idea where it came from because I found it at my grandma’s house but it tends to work. After I am out of it I plan on buying an actual under eye cream for really horrible circles. Suggestions on what to buy?

7. Apply Revlon Age Defying foundation primer and let dry.
8. Apply Olay Definity Color Recapture. This is a spf 15 anti aging moisturizer with a very sheer and illuminating coverage. I add a bit more under my eyes and let sink in and “dry”.
9. Cover under eye circles with this stuff:
This is supposed to lessen the circles under your eyes over time and I swore I noticed a slight difference at first but not really at this point.
10. If I am doing photos or an event I use Bare Minerals foundation if not I simply put my blush and eye stuff on and dust with a light powder. I have been using the new bare minerals feather light mineral veil but I am not exactly the most happy with it.

My questions are as follows:

1. Is it BAD to exfoliate daily? I like to because I think it keeps dead cells from building up and weathering fine lines into my face and keeps my face fresh and clean so it absorbs my moisturizers, creams and serums better.

2. I have been using the feather light mineral veil but it’s so SHINY. I bought it because I read that illuminating products diffuse light and make your face look less aged but this is so shiny that to me it looks like it highlights any sinking or lines in my face. I think it would be better used as a highlighter in specific areas after powdering all over.

What is a good loose powder that isn’t really heavy and too chalky or matte but also that’s not TOO shiny or illuminating. Something that has a natural skin like finish? I would prefer drugstore brands so I can get it sooner than later but more expensive recommendations are welcome as well.

3. I recently bought StriVectin which was originally developed as a stretch mark cream. Do you think this would work on scars? Do you have any other suggestions on what to use on scars that really works? Price is not an issue with this as I would try anything to get rid of these cutting marks I have.

4. Is Strive tin a long term wrinkle cure or is It something that only works while it’s on so I would need to buy it pretty much forever? I will say this shit is AMAZING and I have only used it maybe 5 times and I have noticed a HUGE difference already.

Thanks for all of your help and suggestions in advance!

finally! [16 Jan 2009|10:30pm]

So, I take my state board test Feb 3rd.
I am going back to school to study more, just to make sure I have everything.

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Where Oh Where.... [08 Jan 2009|05:00pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Where can I find those little comfy grips that go into the finger and thumb holes of your shears? I can't find them anywhere! I noticed a lot of shears come with them, but I was hoping to buy them seperate to put in the ones I already have. Any Clue?

Thanks in advance!

OH and just an update, I posted here once when I was considering going to school, now I go to a paul mitchell partner school and LOVE it! I'm starting Adaptive in 2 weeks...that means working on REAL people with SHOULDERS! OH MY GOD! :]

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maybe not the right place to ask, but I'll do it anyway [29 Dec 2008|01:05pm]

theres an image so I cut itCollapse )
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[02 Dec 2008|03:50pm]

I started class last night! I'm doing night school at Xcell Academy - A Paul Mitchell Partner School in Birmingham, AL.
I'm one of two people in the class, which is the smallest class our Learning Leader has ever had. It's good and bad: good because of all the one on one attention, bad because of the lack of variation in feedback and whatnot that we'd have with more people. Plus, if one of us misses class, it'll just be us alone with the teacher, which seems strange to me.

Anyway, we're learning draping today...and we might get to shampooing if the paperwork and crap is all done.
I'm ready to learn stuff!
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[19 Nov 2008|09:48pm]

Hey I'm new here, and I was wondering what type of hairstyles would look good with a rectangular face?

I want it short, but kinda feminine with an edge....help?

any sites or advice would be swell!
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[07 Nov 2008|12:50am]

 Hey everyone!
I have dyed red hair.  The natural color is a dark/medium blonde, with lighter natural highlights.  I'd like to get back to my natural color, or at least blonde.  How can I do this (preferrably cheaply!) without damaging my hair badly?  If it matters, it's been red since late March, so about 8 months, with reapplications every month or so.  

covering up [20 Oct 2008|12:43am]

What is the best make-up to coverup for bruises, mosquito bites, cutting scars, and stuff like that for the body? I have dermablend now but I have never gotten the colors to match my skin then when I powder over it to set it it changes the color completely. I would like to find something preferably cheap as I am poor.

Also if you have any experience with film, photography or stage lights... I need it to not change a weird color under high lighting or black lighting.

[19 Oct 2008|10:31pm]

Quick question about getting your cosmetology license:
I know that you're required to have a physical...how many of you had to get a blood test? Or does EVERYONE have to get a blood test?

I'll do it and all, but the idea of it squicks me out: I pass the fuck out whenever I get any blood taken. Blugh.

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Looking for help from fellow stylists! [15 Oct 2008|11:28pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Sorry if this isn't completely kosher, but I need some help!

I'm currently in school in Gastonia, NC at Carolina Academy- A Paul Mitchell Partner school.

Just yesterday we kicked off "Caper" - a mass fund-raising contest in the school in order to get to the Paul Mitchell Gathering 2009 in Vegas next February.

Only the first 24 students out of over 250 to sell 60 of these gift bags of Paul Mitchell Products gets to go, so I need all the help I can get since I'm not from NC, so I don't know really anyone here.

The produ​cts conta​ined are easil​y worth​ over $50, but we are selli​ng them for $32.

There​ are 5 types​ of bag deals​,​ and they are as follo​ws:​

​Great​ for smoot​h,​ silky​ hair with frizz​-​contr​ol,​ even in humid​ity.​

Inclu​des Super​ Skinn​y Daily​ Shamp​oo,​ Super​ Skinn​y Daily​ Tream​ent,​ and the Super​ Skinn​y Serum​.​

Color​ Care:​ Perfe​ct for maint​ainin​g color​-​treat​ed hair,​ while​ givin​g it shine​.​

Inclu​des Color​ Prote​ct Daily​ Shamp​oo,​ Color​ Prote​ct Daily​ Condi​tione​r,​ and Hold Me Tight​ Finis​hing Spray​

Tea Tree:​ Great​ for Men & Women​!​ Clean​ses inpur​ities​ from hair,​ and conta​ins Austr​alian​ Tea Tree Oil, leavi​ng hair clean​ while​ addin​g luste​r and vital​ity.​

Inclu​des the Tea Tree Speci​al Shamp​oo,​ Condi​tione​r,​ and the Tea Tree Body Bar (use all over your body for clean​ing,​ exfol​iatin​g,​ and shavi​ng)​

Moist​ure:​ Penet​rates​ hair for inten​se condi​tioni​ng and heali​ng for damag​ed or dry hair.​

Inclu​des Insta​nt Moist​ure Daily​ Shamp​oo,​ Insta​nt Detan​gler,​ and Worke​d Up Flexi​ble Hold Spray​

Extra​ Body:​ Creat​es fulln​ess,​ volum​e,​ and thick​ennes​s to the hair.​

Inclu​des Extra​-​Body Sculp​ting Foam,​ Extra​-​Body Daily​ Shamp​oo,​ and the Extra​-​Body Firm Finis​hing Spray​

So pleas​e,​ tell your frien​ds,​ your neigh​bors,​ anyon​e who might​ be able to buy one to help me win a spot on this trip.​

If you'​re not local​ to me, you can messa​ge me with any quest​ions and your info,​ and I have a paypa​l set up for this conte​st. I'll pay for any shipping out of pocket, and send along some extra goodies for your kindness :)

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Question! [09 Oct 2008|07:32pm]

Hey guys!
Can someone pleeeease tell me how much the current tuition in for PAUL MITCHELL ORLANDO? Last I heard it was around 17K...
Thank you : )
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