shauni (litbalina) wrote in cosmoclass,

paul mitchell school...

in sherman oaks.

i'm starting the night course there in september and was curious to hear any feedback from anyone who may be currently attending or has attended this particular school.
if anyone else is starting there when i am don't be shy and message me!
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thats awesome, good luck to you. i just applied there on monday , but to the school in Tampa. Do you know how long your application process took? If I hear some news about the school ill definitly let ya know!
hey, thanks!
it took a little more than a week for me to get a call back about the application and the call was to tell me that my spot in the class i wanted is being held.
so it's relatively easy.
once you get accepted then all the talks and calls about financial aid/payments/rules/etc. will happen.
and if you haven't already they'll help to schedule you for a tour of the school before your start date :]
i hope all goes well for you!