Meg (ilfaitbonvivre) wrote in cosmoclass,

Does anyone here happen to know what happens if a school closes/goes out of business?
I attend a Paul Mitchell Partner School, but since a Paul Mitchell the School opened not too far away and we don't have a good location, and we don't get a lot of business (about 1 walk-in per student every 2 months.) and due to the recent behavior of the owners and learnings leaders..I think they are closing.
ALSO. They have been screwing me over with the worksheets (if you go to a PM school you prob know what I'm talking about) and I think they are purposely trying to get me to do overtime so I have to pay them, even though I have all my stateboard stuff finished.
I have 1100 hours. I've spent 15,000$ here. I can't afford another school.
What happens if it shuts down or they are in fact screwing me (and a lot of other students) over?
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