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Where Oh Where....

Where can I find those little comfy grips that go into the finger and thumb holes of your shears? I can't find them anywhere! I noticed a lot of shears come with them, but I was hoping to buy them seperate to put in the ones I already have. Any Clue?

Thanks in advance!

OH and just an update, I posted here once when I was considering going to school, now I go to a paul mitchell partner school and LOVE it! I'm starting Adaptive in 2 weeks...that means working on REAL people with SHOULDERS! OH MY GOD! :]
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working on REAL people with SHOULDERS! OH MY GOD! :]

LOL! Yay!

I get my finger grips from the guy that comes to my school once a month who sells shears and also sharpens them. You may want to try asking your teacher or look in the phone book for a distributor of shears. Or ask at a beauty supply store. They'll tell you where you can find them. Or there's always online.
Ha ha! Why don't mannequins come with shoulders?? Seriously, shoulders posed quite a problem for me when I got on the clinic floor.
XD I know how you feel. Once I got on the floor I was like-"What the crap? How am I supposed to work around these things?" I would go with what the other person said- Your learning leaders should be able to tell you or someone working at a supply store (the store might even have them).
I got mine at Sally.
I'm sure any beauty supply store that sells shears has them, though.